Gains from real estate property investment in Geylang is widespread because sources reveal that typical purchase prices of landed property in the neighborhood rose 42% to S$1,128 psf in 2013. However, the comparatively higher asking prices of such freehold properties could have led to a growth inside the quantity being placed for auction in recent quarters for prices in High Park,” Lee explained.

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More could be looking at mass market condo due to the bank loan restrictions. These restrictions were put in place by the local authorities to cultivate prudent financing in anticipation of rising interest rates from the local authorities with regards to High Park Residences.

Regarding total sales, the number of homes effectively auctioned off rose to 10 during the 3rd quarter from nine within the preceding time period. Having said that, an analysis conducted by many property specialists revealed that Geylang boasts beneficial long-term prospects for owners High Park for real estate property investment in the city state which could be extremely rewarding.

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Right now there exist numerous investors that are browsing for projects in the vicinity of the MRT stations as real estate professionals believe condominiums located in the vicinity of MRT stations has demonstrated that price tags d have a tendency to increase as the general economy recovers. Price came from S$988 psf in Q4 2010. In the mean time, selling prices of High Park  increased by 34 percent to $1,384 psf from S$758 psf through the same period.

Quite a few potential buyers with deep pockets are presently hunting all over for high-class properties currently under distress or are actually offered with volume discount rates via the developers. Developers now are more open to discounts on High Park CEL since they currently have to pay for development costs if units be left unsold after TOP.

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Because of their tenure of the piece of land, freehold properties are likely to be more pleasing to purchasers in the open resale market as in comparison with lease hold real estate.

Young couples who are seeking for their dwelling homes to invest perhaps might not plan to invest in Geylang as the location comes with a bad appeal pertaining to the sleazy bars together with numerous suspicious amusement outlets.

Particularly, five belonged under owner’s sale, translating towards a success of 6.8 percent as there were 73 residences offered in this segment. Comparatively, a couple of properties out of 70 were purchased this segment in Q2 2014.